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For Kids
Earth-based Faiths
Prayers, Affirmations
and Inspirations
Yahweh et al
Tao and Zen

Tao and Zen
The Zen Works
of Stonehouse
Zen and the Art
of Making a Living
The Tao of Womanhood
Zen in the Art of Archery
The Way of Zen
Zen and the Art
of Motorcycle Maintenance

Earth-based Faiths
The Spiral Dance
A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess
Magical Passes
The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico
African Spirits Speak
A White Woman's Journey
into the Healing Tradition of the Sangoma
Drawing Down the Moon
Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers,
and Other Pagans in America Today

Yahweh et al
The Book of Women's Sermons
Hearing God in Each Other's Voices
Biblical Wisdom for Daily Living
The Woman's Bible
Pray Like Hell:
How to Talk with God
Eyes Remade for Wonder:
A Lawrence Kushner Reader
The Power of Miracles:
Stories of God in the Everyday
The Restitution of Man:
C.S. Lewis and the Case
against Scientism
God: The Evidence:
The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Postsecular World
Biblical Quotations
for All Occasions

Religions of the World
The Illustrated Guide
to Origins, Beliefs,
Customs & Festivals
The Whole Heaven Catalog
A Resource Guide to Products,
Services, Arts, Crafts,
and Festivals of Religious,
Spiritual, and Cooperative Communities

The Seven Storey Mountain
Thomas Merton
Saint Augustine
The Confessions
Saint Augustine
Pilgrim Souls:
A Collection
of Spiritual Autobiographies
Black Elk Speaks
Autobiography of a Yogi

and Inspirations
A Prayerbook for Spiritual Friends:
Partners in Prayer Series
Heaven on Earth
15-Minute Miracles to Change the World
Circle of Stones
Woman's Journey to Herself
I Sit Listening to the Wind
Women's Encounter within Herself
Heal Your Soul, Heal the World:
Prayers and Poems to Comfort,
Inspire, and Connect Humanity
Prayers on My Pillow:
Inspiration for Girls
on the Threshold of Change

Simple Meditation
and Relaxation
Meditation for Dummies

Buddha in a Box with Book
The Heart
of the Buddha's Teachings:

Transforming Suffering Into Peace, Joy, and Liberation
Going to Pieces
Without Falling Apart
A Buddhist Perspective on Wholeness

For Kids
Twilight Verses,
Moonlight Rhymes
The Cross By Day:
The Mezuzzah By Night
Because I Love You
Jenny's Prayer
God's Little Seeds
The Bird
Jesus' Day Off
The Praise Bible
Moses and the Angels
Celebrate! Stories of
the Jewish Holidays
In Our Image:
God's First Creatures
The Making of Angels
But God Remembered:
Stories of Women
from Creation to
the Promised Land
Tell Me Why:
A Father Answers
His Daughter's Questions
About God
Miss Fannie's Hat
Old Turtle
Do the Angels
Watch Close By?
You are Special
God's Paintbrush
Celebration Kit
In God's Name

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Book Cover

The Heart of the Fire

A beautiful evocation of a time long past, The Heart of the Fire is Cerridwen Fallingstar's memoir of her previous existence in a Scottish village four hundred years ago. It centers around the life of Fiona McNair as she grows from a six-year-old girl harassed by the local goat into a young woman who becomes ensnared by the witch hunters as they move across Europe wiping out the covens. Fallingstar's magical use of the English language captures the pagan way of life just as it disappeared and a darker side of human nature rose to "sunder soul and body, mind and heart, into ever-warring parts."

Book Cover

Apocalyptic Prophet
of the New Millennium

"Imagine playing 'Telephone' . . . over the expanse of the Roman Empire, with thousands of participants . . . some of whom have to translate the stories into different languages, all over the course of decades."

Whether you're a passionate theologian or versed only in Monty Python's Life of Brian, Bart D. Ehrman cannot fail to entertain you as he discusses the current consensus of Biblical historians and a thesis that while common in academia is almost unknown outside it that Jesus' teachings were based on his assumption that the world would end within his lifetime. Touching upon such topics as how the Bible's authors got their information, why the accounts contradict each other so often, and what one can distill as reasonably believable fact, Jesus is a humorous, but not disrespectful, introduction to the greatest short story collection ever compiled.

Book Cover

The Illustrated Hebrew Bible
75 Selected Stories

Written over the course of a thousand years, the Tanakh, or Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, is made up of 24 books divided into three sections Torah, Prophets and Writings. The Illustrated Hebrew Bible pairs 75 of these stories, from Genesis to the Return from Exile, with paintings, pottery, manuscripts, and artifacts dating from 2000 B.C.E. to 1997. 130 full-color reproductions range from a 4,000 year old stone altar to the Old Masters to the Modernists and beyond. The stories are adapted by Dr. Ellen Frankel, Editor-in-Chief of the Jewish Publication Society and a professional storyteller, who has also provided several explanatory essays on the milestones in Israelites' journeys.

Book Cover

The Other Side and Back
A Psychic's Guide
to Our World and Beyond

The Fourth Dimension, the Other Side, the Afterlife: whatever you want to call that part of existence we can't see and have been trained not to believe in, Sylvia Browne's vision of it is a lot more optimistic than the usual spooky, Gothic, creaky-door depictions. Her bestselling book, The Other Side and Back, introduces the uninitiated into the psychic, paranormal aspect of daily life and how you can see it and feel it and become part of it.

Book Cover

Sacred Roads
Adventures from the Pilgrimage Trail

Curious about the huge migrations that have been going on for centuries and millennia, Nicholas Shrady decided to go on his own pilgrimage and see what the fuss is about. In fact, he went on several, hitting holy places in Spain, India, Turkey, and Bosnia. During his adventures, recorded in Sacred Roads, he discovered that the journey, the fellow travelers, and the places themselves seem to fill in the missing pieces to a spiritual experience that many find lacking in our civilized lives.

Book Cover

Soul of a Citizen
Living with Conviction
in a Cynical Time

The world is going to hell in a handbasket and I can't do anything about it. Operating on the theory that this kind of thinking just isn't going to get us anywhere, Paul Loeb offers ways to create a more meaningful existence by taking part in one's community more fully. Soul of a Citizen introduces you to Americans who have drawn out of themselves to enjoy the rewards brought by greater involvement and less isolation.

Book Cover

Everyday Immortality
A Concise Course
in Spiritual Transformation

Applying an ancient Yoga of Knowledge to modern life, the irrepressible Deepak Chopra has once again put his talents to your mental and perceptual metamorphosis. Here he uses a little quantum physics and the principles of meditation as the foundation for a series of contemplative exercises to free you from the prison of old logic, "a logic founded on the superstition of materialism." The sutras, or insights, in Everyday Immortality build on each other to lead you to a new experience of yourself and the world.

Book Cover

Brush Meditation
A Japanese Way to
Mind & Body Harmony

Your spirit in black and white. H.E. Davey's little book on shodo isn't just a guide to Japanese calligraphy: it's a way to develop your powers of concentration. He instructs on the best way to sit, relax, and focus as you practice an art that "represents the greatest level of harmony between thought and action." Learn how to follow the rhythm of your soul and the movement of your chi with Brush Meditation.

Book Cover

Awakening to the Sacred
Creating a Daily
Spiritual Life from Scratch

Get in on the mystery. You've probably been wanting to explore that place where the mind meets the universe but don't know how or where to start in the five hours you're not working or sleeping or commuting or running errands like a headless chicken. Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within, has taken the most powerful aspects of the many enlightenment techniques developed over the past several millenia and adapted them for the Nineties lifestyle. Awakening to the Sacred will get you on your way to a more limber consciousness.

Book Cover

The Seat of the Soul

Just as he found the mysticism in Western science in his prize-winning guide to physics, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, so have millions of people discovered the spirit as another way to experience the world, beyond the traditional five senses. Gary Zukar traces this shift in thinking and perception in The Seat of the Soul -- an addition to the building evidence that our objective, rational minds are asking for a little help.

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    Book Cover

    Yesterday I Cried
    Celebrating the Lessons
    of Living and Loving

    Learn to find the hope in hopelessness. Iyanla Vanzant has been through a lot on her road to bestsellerdom. Yesterday I Cried is her testament to the power of tribulation as a tool for self-discovery. Her inspiring lessons in re-interpreting misfortunes and mistakes will enable you to look at your own mire in a better light. (And don't miss her 1997 bestseller: One Day My Soul Just Opened Up.)

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    Book Cover

    It's Not as Tough as You Think
    How to Smooth Out Life's Bumps

    Who better than a rabbi/psychiatrist to advise on surviving life's little disasters? In It's Not as Tough as You Think, Rabbi Abraham Twerski has whipped up a hundred or so antidotes to dozens of things in contemporary existence that can just suck the life out of you. Criticism, stress, and children are only a few of the subjects covered in his collection of personal anecdotes.

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