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The Force of Character

The Force of Character
and the Lasting Life

Old age as "an archetypal state of being." James Hillman, author of The Soul's Code, once again focuses on character -- in this case, its role in the pattern-making functions of the aged mind. Now increasingly subsumed by a youth-obsessed world, the aged were meant to be society's and culture's long-term memory processors, piecing together that "larger truth, a richer understanding" that only decades of living and experience can affect. If you need a new way to look at your own non-youth, or at the seniors around you, The Force of Character will definitely make you see the glorious mission of those "void of ova but packed with memes."

Body for Life

Body for Life
12 Weeks to Mental
and Physical Fitness Forever

The New York Times bestseller Body for Life contains no earth-shattering secrets to developing the kind of body that makes cars jump the sidewalk, but it does benefit from Bill Phillips' years of experience in wringing the most efficiency out of minimal workout time. The stories of some of the nation's top athletes number among the testimonials of people who've sought his help, and plenty of before-and-after photos will keep you inspired during your three-month transformation.

Also available:Abridged Audiobook

Still Sexy

Still Sexy
Who's Having
the Best Sex at Midlife . . .
and How They're Doing It

The intimate lives of baby boomers. Those people born in the great flush of enthusiasm after WWII and now enjoying "midyouth" are the subject of Susan Crain Bakos' latest work, Still Sexy. A Penthouse and Cosmo writer, Bakos has extensively interviewed a good number of said population to get a clear idea of the state of their sex lives. But of equal interest are her interpretations of the responses, which she used to create a guide to a happy, contented personal practice, tailored for the 34-54-year old set.

The Jock Doc's Body Repair Kit

The Jock Doc's Body Repair Kit
The New Sports Medicine
for Recovery and Increased Performance

As seen on The Today Show! Cut down in your prime by a rollerblading mishap? Doctor Andrew Feldman, Director of Sports Medicine at New York`s St. Vincent`s Hospital, has seen all types of injuries, and as an athlete himself, knows what it's like to have one. His Jock Doc's Body Repair Kit will give you a better idea of what wounds you should actually worry about, what you can fix at home, and what you should do to prevent breakdowns in the first place.

Live Now, Age Later

Live Now, Age Later
Proven Ways
to Slow Down the Clock

Hit your fifth decade feeling like Madonna, your sixth like Tina Turner, and your seventh like Sophia Loren. Live Now, Age Later will tell you all that medicine knows about keeping your eyesight, arteries, skin, sex drive, etc., at their maximum potential. Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld presents the facts about energy, appearance, and disfunction and how lifestyle and medical options can affect them. (Not featured is the Keith Richards approach to aging, but not many of us could afford it and even fewer would survive it.)

APTA Book of Body Maintenance and Repair

The American Physical
Therapy Association
Book of Body Maintenance and Repair

Know thine musculoskeletal self. In addition to exercises designed to make the body work better and heal faster, the APTA offers information and illustrations that will make you appreciate the complexity and finesse of our frames. The Book of Body Maintenance and Repair will enrich your understanding of your body and enable you to make it stronger, more supple, and less prone to injury.

Chinese Natural Cures

Chinese Natural Cures

One of the best bargains of the year. You can use this oversized, gorgeous book to gain a thorough understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or you can just dip into it whenever an ailment or question strikes. (Many options are offered, should you have trouble finding bear gallbladder in your area.) Chinese Natural Cures is 525 pages of well-organized and beautifully presented information on TCM's herbal formulas, food cures, philosophy, legends, and methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The Schwarzbein Principle

The Schwarzbein Principle

Slow down aging, reverse bad health, and lose weight. Emphasizing healthy eating and lifestyle habits, The Schwarzbein Principle will lead you into the realm of normal metabolism, stable moods, and unfailing stamina. Dr. Schwarzbein and company bring a holistic approach to becoming the efficient machine the human body was meant to be.

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    Woman: An Intimate Geography

    Woman: An Intimate Geography

    "Woman... is nothing less than liberation biology ... Anyone living in or near a female body should read this book."
    Gloria Steinem

    The weaker sex, my &!*. Take a joyous tour of the mind, body, and soul of the human female, led by "one of the strongest and wittiest science writers in the world today." Natalie Angier wrote Woman: An Intimate Geography to celebrate the unique workings of our bodies and biologies, and to put in perspective those aspects of the gender that have been either obsessed about or ignored since people first started drawing on cave walls.

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  • Also available:Abridged Audiobook

    The Diet Cure

    The Diet Cure

    Treat food addictions with food. At her clinic for the treatment of eating disorders, psychologist Julia Ross commonly sees people who've been subjecting themselves to a diet less nourishing than that of prison camp inmates. But these victims of mood swings and cravings are depriving themselves of the chemicals the brain needs to regulate mood. In The Diet Cure Ross reveals how she's been using amino acids to correct abused body chemistry and thus break the horrible cycle that makes physical and psychological well-being so elusive for so many.

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